Moral package Details.

1.Moral Ambitious – Free

Moral coin members can receive free moral coins just by promoting on social media and other platforms. 10-50 Social Promotions = 10-50 Morals. Social Profile Moral ID = 50 Morals. 10 promotions will earn you 10 Morals, 50 promotions will you 50 Morals. Change your social media profile to Moral coin for 30 days and win 50 Moral Coins.

2.Moral Representative -€110

“110 Morals with 1 Split” Our Moral Representative Package is designed for beginners willing to trend a new journey of Moral Coin. You will receive 110 Morals with a 1 split promotion.

3.Moral Dealer – €330

“335 Morals with 1 Split + Flash Deal 10% Coins” Our Moral Dealer Package is privileged with a unique Flash Deal which changes from time to time, You’ll receive 335 Moral Coins with 1 split and additional referral commissions depending on your chosen plan. The Flash Deal will earn you the percentage above of Extra Coins.

4.Moral Trader – €550

“560 Morals with 2 splits +Flash Deal 12% Extra Coins”  The Moral Trader Package is an average trader favorite, it receives 560 moral coins with two splits in addition to the above flash deal. In terms of commissions, the Moral trader is a great reputation builder for average trader groups.

5.Moral Entrepreneur – €1100

“1200 Morals with 2 split+ Flash Deal 12% Extra Coins” Upgrading from Moral Trader to Moral Entrepreneur and grab an additional 100 Moral Coins and a split. Accede to a strategic purchase for a larger gain in the future. You’ll receive 1200 Moral Coins with two splits and a flash deal.

6.Moral Executive – €3,300

“3500 Morals with 2 split +Flash Deal 15% Coins” Moral Executive Package comes loaded with an extra 200 Moral Coins and additional flash deals. You’ll receive 3500 Moral Coins with 2 splits and a bonus flash deal above.

7.Moral Impresario – €5,500

“6000 Morals with 3 split) (Flash Deal 15% Extra Coins”  Our Moral Impresario is a true game-changer for both, those looking to seek future growth as well as our market associates. You’ll receive 6000 morals with an addition of 3 splits and it includes a flash deal.

8.Moral Professional – €11,000

“13000 Morals with 3 split, (Flash Deal 18% Extra Coins” Moral Professional speaks its own potential. A perfect selection for professionals to accumulate Moral Coins in the thousands. You’ll receive a mega 13000 Morals multiplied by 3 splits as plus a benefit of flash deals.

9.Moral Meritorious – €25,500

“40,000 Morals with 2 Double splits = 4 splits, Flash Deal 20% Extra Coins” Moral coins Meritorious Package is an absolute give away to members willing to grab the early bird bargain. A perfect package for crypto trade tycoons and agents to attain quick returns by double splits. You receive a jumbo combo of 40,000 Morals, with double splits each time your split is due plus benefits from flash deals. Moral Meritorious is limited edition package.

10.Moral Marvellous – €49,900

“100,100 Morals with 4 Double Splits = 8 splits, Flash Deal 20% Extra Coins”Moral Marvellous is limited to our initial coin offerings period for personals, institutes and businesses possessing an in-depth understanding of the crypto development and exchange markets. A Marvellous reward of 100,100 Moral coins plus four double splits, where each split equals two as well as benefiting from huge flash deals.

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We are a team of mixed professionals got together with One Vision.i.e how to integrate transforming technology into traditional trades.Therefore solidifying virtual economy namely Moral Coin by real traditional trade.Moral Coin is founded by it’s CEO Z.Muhammad after researching for over 2 Years upon the subjects of solidifying global economy.Over time it has formed a team of professionals from around the world to see ensure Moral Coin contributes to being a better, brighter and more efficient financial model.